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All truly successful businesses are born in damp basements and messy garages, right? Wrong! inQvation in Taastrup is proof that an exciting workplace with exciting people makes for exciting companies. Bringing the sharpest brains and the newest technologies together in a knowledge centre structure is our way of cultivating an inspiring can-do environment, where answers and opportunities are never more than a few feet away.

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Imagine a universe for your start-up to grow and succeed. A community where the first thing you look for isn’t a fast exit. A playground for tech entrepreneurs with facilities built for breakthroughs. That place actually exists. It's called inQvation.

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This is our 3000 square meters of tech universe in two floors. 8 meeting rooms with unique possibilities, a tech lab, a strategy lab and even an indoor forest. Click on the map to get a closer look on all the facilities at inQvation.



We’re a playground for tech entrepreneurs – a place for work, but also a place for fun! Join professional and social events in the hub and enjoy the benefits of both a wider network and new knowledge.


You find your dedicated desk or flex seat in one of our four working areas. All desks come with an adjustable table, ergonomic chair and a locker for your personal items. And, of course, we also provide Wi-Fi, parking and all the print and coffee you can have in a day.

Strategy Lab

The key to a successful start-up journey is S.T.R.A.T.E.G.Y! We know that! Therefore, we have a room dedicated to your business strategy. As an inQvation resident you also get a free session with our business partner and strategy experts 360°Sprint every month. They can help you with: vision map, context analysis, business model canvas, customer journey, value proposition and action plan. Wanna know more about 360°Sprint or our other business partners? Get in touch.

Meeting rooms

All our meeting rooms are unique and a true experience. Invite your accountant to a meeting in bright yellow swing chairs or have a team meeting in a room with a wall of muss. Whether it’s time for a brainstorming session, a serious talk with a new investor, or maybe a job interview - we got you covered! And there is no need to pay extra for the use of meeting rooms – in inQvation it’s all included!


Be better, keep pushing! Run like Forest, bike like Bernal or lift like The Mountain - everything is possible in our fitness room. Ready for a workout with your colleagues?


We believe in the power of community and knowledge sharing. Maybe your neighbor has the answer to your questions? And maybe your future business partner is sitting only 20 meters from you? Together we are better and stronger.

Camp area

Take a seat in the camp between the large air streamers in an ever-changing visual landscape. From the Bahamas to the North Pole in five minutes – well, that’s actually possible here. Informal meetings in an open space, saying hi to new people, or hosting smaller events – yeah, this space has possibilities.


As a resident you get access to inQvation’s own expert team and our professional partners, who currently consist of: 360° Sprint – Experts in Business Strategy, Nordic Innovators – Specialist in national and EU funding and AWA/Dotkeeper – Professional sparring in IP rights and patenting.

The forrest

Get lost in the forrest and enjoy a bit of green for both the eye and the soul. Use it as an oasis for your long reads with a coffee in hand or for the informal meeting with teammates.

Food Lab

A creative mind doesn’t work without food – that’s a fact. Our Food Lab is run by our very own chef who serves amazing breakfast and even better lunch. And we have free (fresh) coffee and tea, not to forget. Bon appétit!

Tech Lab

This is where prototypes are born. Producing prototypes doesn’t need to be a tricky and long procedure. In the Tech Lab you can work on your electronics and 3D print your mechanics. You can even burn your logo on (almost!) anything using our laser cutter. Boom!

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