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Our ecosystem of competencies gives entrepreneurs the courage, the strength and the stamina to create stuff that makes people fitter, or happier or more productive. Our strategy is as unambiguous as our resolve: if a start-up doesn’t bring sustainable goodness into the world, count us out. The proven and not-so-secret recipe behind our success is just as simple as an original thought: work, meet, learn, share, repeat. Our playbook has all the details, if these few lines don’t convince you.

Built for breakthroughs

inQvation is home to three different microcosms. Combined they give us the freedom to rewrite the rules of the old chicken-and-egg game of entrepreneurship and funding – and shape a new industry through co-labbing, educating and knowledge sharing.


We turn great ideas into healthy start-ups ourselves by identifying new attractive markets or technologies and create scalable products that meet real customer needs or market challenges. But we also team up with ingenious entrepreneurs to cultivate, test and nurse ideas. And when we have chosen the most promising ones, we work with focused co-founders to turn them into companies with global potential.


We go in at seed level and help businesses take the next step. In collaboration with accelerators and experienced business angels, we assess individual start-ups. Our approach is very hands-on, and we take pride in contributing with the right resources at the right stage. Maybe what’s needed is a new strategy? Maybe it’s bringing a dedicated go-to-market expert on board? Maybe venture capital? We deliver what our portfolio companies need.


All truly successful businesses are born in damp basements and messy garages, right? Wrong! Our tech hub in Taastrup is proof that an exciting workplace with exciting people makes for exciting companies. Bringing the sharpest brains and the newest technologies together in a knowledge centre structure is our way of cultivating an inspiring can-do environment, where answers and opportunities are always only a few feet away. Wanna know more? 

Where, how, what?

Stop by at Erik Husfeldts Vej 7, 2630 Taastrup. Business hours are from 8 to 16, but for residents the place is open 24/7.

Management team


Claus Zibrandtsen

General Partner

Jan Ankjær Jensen

General Partner

Christian Tost

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Erik Husfeldts Vej 7 DK 2630 Taastrup

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