Welcome to inQvation
Your digital greenhouse

inQvation is a new innovation centre which will act as a base for a new innovative entrepreneur environment for talented tech startups and private/public companies that need more oxygen and new light.

Our goal is to be much more than merely an office hotel or a place to drink your coffee. We are well aware that creativity and innovation do not simply appear when you throw two Fatboys and a foosball table into a warehouse.

We have a little bit of everything

150 permanent
and flexible
work places

both large and small



Are you interested in becoming a part of our entrepreneur environment?

The environment

From an
industrial hall
to a technological

We will create a technological Mecca for innovative minds and tech nerds. Here, talented entrepreneurs and employees from both the private and public sector can work with new ideas, find inspiration, exchange knowledge and test and build the innovative solutions of the future.

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Our purpose

The purpose
of inQvation

Some speak. Others take action. We do not just talk about innovation, we do something about it. We take into account that society is changing, and we will not just be passive observers while the future is being created. We want to be part of creating that future with you.

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About us

We love
technology and unusual ideas

inQvation has its roots in entrepreneurship, technology and novel solutions. The idea for inQvation came about from our own history and experience with innovation and the growth of new companies.

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We know that you can see where we want to go with inQvation,
and we hope that you can feel that this is where you will find fertile soil for the seed of your business to sprout. We guarantee that your idea is in good hands, and we promise – we won’t bring up more plant metaphors. Unless you’ve got a wild idea for a botany app… 

Come by and take a look. We’ll get the coffee ready and place some fun people around the machine so that you can get a sense of what kind of environment it is out here.