360° Strategy Lab

Develop your business model in a 360° universe

Do 360° around on your idea and business

The 360​° Strategy Lab is inQvation’s business development workshop. Here, we can help you create a strategic overview, develop and execute new business models. This is done in cooperation with our strategy partner, 360° Sprint, which facilitates the various courses and workshops that we offer you as a startup in inQvation.

From idea to commercial success

We help you map, design and validate your business concept through modular development. Our team helps you develop a strong and agile business model that ensures optimal conditions for growth and minimises the risk of failure.

Our different courses can provide you with the following:


  • Testing and development of your idea and startup
  • A shared team mindset
  • Strong and simple business development tools
  • Mapping and formulating a clear value proposition
  • Design and validation of the business model
  • External environment analysis
  • Development of a go-to-market strategy
  • Design and validation of roadmap and action plan
  • Formulation and testing of investor pitch

Developing and testing new business models is as important as developing and testing new products. I believe that the 360° Sprint concept in combination with these frameworks can help make our startups stronger, as well as provide them with the knowledge to develop and strengthen their business.

Claus Zibrandtsen, inQvation CEO

Creating a visual overview

The room is designed to ensure a visual overview and consistency between the different phases you are working on. We will guide you and your team through the business development process in a structured, understandable and manageable manner.

The new lab also has a 360° camera to document every step of the way, giving you the opportunity to revisit and elaborate each step, and to make sure you and your team are working in the right direction.

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Collaboration with 360° Sprint

inQvation are working in partnership with the strategy firm, 360° Sprint, which facilitates various courses and workshops in inQvation’s 360° Strategy Lab. The courses are based on a concept developed by 360​° Sprint. The concept has been developed in collaboration with researchers from AU, investors, PwC, amongst others, and is based on experience gathered from 130+ strategic workshops with 600+ leaders over the last 6 years. Read more about 360° Sprint.