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Want to make an impact? Maybe you are the new Head of Product we’re looking for to join inQvation Studio's new MedTech X start-up?

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Have you got what it takes?

inQvation Studio offers you the chance of a lifetime to help build a start-up with the potential of making everyday life better for more than 200M people worldwide. That kind of opportunity asks a lot of you, who you are and how you work.

Product Management

You have Product Management experience, ideally from MedTech. You’re a hands-on type of person who use your knowledge and expertise to spend your time and energy on the things that deliver most value to the product and ultimately customers.

Customer Oriented

Speaking of customers you embody the importance of customers being first, center and last in every decision regarding how the product looks, feels and functions, and you never compromise on the user experience.


You have a background in IT with a strong understanding of business – or the other way around. You are super team oriented, and you’re not shy to put whatever is needed into making sure that we succeed as a team. You’re open and honest and you have an abundance of passion and ambition.

Your chance to make a big mark

Joining MedTech X is your big chance to help bring transformational positive change to the daily lives of millions of people suffering from a chronic condition that have – until now – been largely overlooked or even forgotten.

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Who are we?

inQvation Studio is a startup studio where we identify big challenges, get creative and transform the best ideas into startups with a global potential. We are dedicated, highly experienced and extremely ambitious in getting things done. We are part of inQvation, a Danish start-up development firm, and we take great pride in succeeding together as a greater team.

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