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The world's (maybe) shortest introduction

MEET‘ is our new podcast – and vodcast series. It’s a series of talks with some of the most interesting people from the Danish start-up universe. In each episode we meet a new person – could be an entrepreneur, an investor, an employee or… someone with a strong vision and big dreams. A person who has the guts to go first.

The host is one of our inQvators – Christian Tost. And every Friday he’s meeting a new person to talk about start-up journeys, learnings and lots of different topics related to the world of start-ups. Nothing too big or too small. 

Pssst: The series is in Danish. 


Episode #04


Episode #03


Episode #02


Episode #01


Episode #00

Episode 0 is where it all begins. It’s a short introduction to ‘MEET’.  Do you have 35 seconds? Take a listen. 


#01 MEET Frederikke Schmidt - out tomorrow

Episode #01 with Frederikke Schmidt, founder of roccamore, is out tomorrow, Friday, October 16. 


The full podcast episode will be released on Spotify and TuneIn. And a 15-minutes cutdown will be released on YouTube and at our Facebook and Instagram account. 


Stay tuned! 

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