Meet inQvation's new System Developer


Welcome to inQvation's new System Developer: Andreas Duedam

Once again, we are very happy to welcome Andreas Duedam to our team. And then you might ask: “Again?”. Firstly, we got to know Andreas when he was hired as Software Developer in one of the start-ups being resident at our IoT hub. Then, Andreas became an intern at inQvation. And now, he is finally a full time member of our team of inQvators! We’ve asked him six questions to get to know him better. Welcome to the family, Andreas (again, again).

#1: As a start.. can you please tell us a bit about yourself?


My name is Andreas and I just moved into my new house in Ølstykke with my wife, baby boy and our little dog. I finished my studies in Computer Science 2 months ago.

Andreas Duedam is inQvation's new System Developer.

#2: You’re inQvation’s new System Developer. What is that about?


I will be working mostly with this LoRaWAN project we got going on. Trying to keep track of all our LoRa devices and keep the system running.

#3: Officially, you had your first day as inQvation’s new System Developer back in July. But you were already a familiar face in the IoT hub. Can you tell us the background story on how you got hired?


I started in CLIMAID, which is one of the startups in the hub, as their software developer. I got the job at CLIMAID since my good friend and study partner from school asked me if I wanted to apply for the job which I then did. Due to my studies, I had to find an internship in a larger corporation and then I was lucky to be enrolled as an intern in inQvation. When my internship and studies were over, I ended up continuing in inQvation.

#4: What is your education?


As mentioned earlier, I finished my studies in Computer Science. I started at Technical University of Denmark on the Diploma IT, but ended up dropping out and started on the Computer Science.

#5: What do you do when you’re “out of office”?


When I am out of office I spend time with my wife and our little son called Bertram. We were so lucky to have Bertram the 26th of August. When I’m not playing around with my kid, I’m trying to renovate our new (old) house – hopefully for the better, but I am not really a handyman. Yet! I do also enjoy playing a bit of badminton now and then, but not as much as I used to. I used to play a lot badminton and I was coaching at badminton camps in Denmark and in Belgium, but I stopped about a year ago. When I get the time (which is not very often anymore because of the little baby), I sit by my computer and play some games with my friends.

Andreas has played badminton on a very high level. That calls for a team event to see if any of us can beat him ;)

#6: What do you look the most forward to being part of inQvation?


I look forward to be part of developing some new big and innovating solutions with inQvation.

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