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Welcome to inQvation's new HUBS Community Planner, Camilla Baumgarten

There’s a new inQvator in town and her name is Camilla. She’s our Hubs Community Planner while Henriette is on maternity leave. Welcome to the squad, Camilla – we’re very happy to have you with us. 

In this article, you’ll get to know more about Camilla and her new role. What exactly is a HUBS Community Planner? What is Camilla’s biggest home-project at the moment? And what makes her happy? Keep reading and soon you will know 😉 


#1: Hi Camilla – it’s your time to shine :gem: Will you tell us a few things about yourself? 

I’m from Hørsholm, one step away from the Karen Blixen Museum, and spent most of my young days out and about in the nature of Helsingør.
I live at Vesterbro, where I bought my first apartment two years ago. Despite the limited amount of space, I still decorate and move my furniture around. At the moment my biggest home-project-plan is to paint one of the walls in my apartment blue. My dream is to design and build my own house one day.

Professionally speaking, I studied Performance Design combined with Business Development within the creative industries, and I became more and more curious about the making of future design solutions, innovation and tech – especially projects that have a positive impact on people’s life. For the last 6 years, I’ve been working with managing design workshops and partnerships, organizing event productions and marketing efforts, and I hope to use these learnings to spark some cool community initiatives and events.


#2: You’re inQvation’s HUBS Community Planner – what does that really mean?

Well, hopefully, to help create the best community in the world!

A big part of that is to be the first point of contact and the go-to person for the start-ups in inQvation’s tech hub. This means, making sure that everyone is greeted with a smile, checking in with our start-ups during the week, assisting with practical and technical matters, and most importantly taking care of all the small but important details, so that our entrepreneurs can focus on doing what they do best – making their start-up succeed.
Equally important is everything surrounding our community culture and events, and as a Community Planner I hope to continue to develop and empower the social foundation of the inQvation hub; How we engage with each other and share ideas, know-how, skills and ‘lessons learned’, both on a professional and personal level. In the end, it’s all about the people and how we help and inspire each other to keep pushing and doing our best.

#3: What’s the best event you have ever attended? 

Oh wow, haha that’s a hard question. I don’t think I can choose one specific. I’ve been to so many different types of events – from the experimental artsy kind of events to big corporate settings. But instead, I can elaborate a bit on the ‘WHY’ some events have had a lasting impact on me.

For me, it’s all about feeling inspired and about the people you meet. The best moments are those that just happen organically, and I believe that a good event makes that happen. It opens up a space where people can connect, hopefully, gain new perspectives and insights, and maybe even feel inspired to act on it.

One of the best events I attended was an art fair years ago, where we had dinner on the final night. Everyone was invited to join one big final dinner, from international VIP guests to the local volunteers, and we were sitting all together by these long tables out in the open under a bridge, and people were just happy and having good conversations. There was no seating, no formal networking-agenda, no band or DJ playing, – there wasn’t anything fancy about it, just the shared experience and good food.


#4: What makes you happy? 

Uf, many things. Mostly just simple things. Cute dogs (and videos of cute dogs), beautiful landscapes, hiking and being active in the nature, all things that make me laugh (I guess that’s almost everything), meeting new people, eating good food with friends and family, fresh flowers everywhere in my apartment, winter, art and architecture, travelling, staying all day in bed on Sundays, dumplings, Christmas holidays, spring cleaning (no, not kidding – I love getting rid of things), yoga, reading books, getting things done, collecting notebooks (I never actually write anything in them, which is a bit odd) and many more.


#5: What do you look the most forward to in your new role?

I look forward to getting to know all the start-ups and to figure out how I can use my set of skills to help make this community the best one ever. I am curious to learn how we can make this community a place where start-ups and people not only thrive but also grow and learn from one another. I think that in the end, it’s not so much about what you gain from the community as the direction it can take you and your business. The question is how I can help and be instrumental in this process, and that is the most challenging and exciting part of my new role. The how-part I haven’t figured out yet 😉

Would you like to reach out to  Camilla? Then you’re more than welcome to connect with her on LinkedIn.

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