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We’re very excited to welcome a new team member to the inQvation family. This time, we expand the force with a skilled designer that will help grow ideas into startups. We have asked our new Growth Designer six questions to get to know her better. Welcome on board, Alita!

#1: First of all. Welcome to the inQvation family. As a start… can you please tell us a bit about yourself?
I am Alita and I come from Latvia (Letland). Have been living in Denmark for 7 years now. I would say that I am a creator, designer and a strategist with a Bachelor degree in Project Management and Digital Concept development. Driven by beautiful, clean graphic and digital designs, new technologies and open-minded people with “let’s do it!“ attitude. I am curious and ready for new discoveries and always looking to improve my professional skills.

Alita Juzene has a background as graphic designer specialized in digital concept development. At inQvation’s studio team she will be on point to help us bring ideas to life, one experiment at a time.

#2: You’re inQvation’s new Growth Designer. What will your main tasks be?
Basically, my job at inQvation will be to help great ideas to GROW. I’m the new member to inQvation’s studio team, where we develop and turn great ideas into companies. It will include a lot of different operations, starting from identification of what experiments need to be done in order to get a project from idea to an actual product/solution, executing those experiments and finally presenting the outcome to potential users, when it is ready to hit the market. It is very complex and challenging position, therefore so exciting and thrilling to be in it.

#3: What have you worked with previously?
Previously I have mainly worked as a Graphic Designer for SaaS related companies and for different small startups, helping them to identify their ideas and setting the direction for further operations.

#4: Why did you move to Denmark? And can you speak Danish or shall we keep it in English?
Love, opportunities, new exciting challenges – you name it. I have always been open for new opportunities and my better half was there to encourage me for this step – moving to another country. No regrets, just continuous opportunities. Dansk? Du skal prøve at snakke på dansk først. Hvis du ser, at jeg ikke er med, så lad os skifte til engelsk. Jeg tror på, inQvation vil være stedet, hvor jeg endelig behersker dansk. Og DU (der læser dette) kan hjælpe mig.

#5: What do you do when you’re ‘out of office’?

I love cycling, like a lot. I hope inQvation will organize some cycling tour some day, I will definitely be up for that! I have a little baby girl, so we are spending a lot of time with my family – traveling, cycling or just enjoying hygge.

#6: What do you look the most forward to being part of inQvation?
I look forward to actually help my team to make a difference and create amazing solutions that really matter. And, it is so exciting, that already on my first day I was given my first creative task. Can’t wait to share the results

Alita loves to travel! Here she’s enjoying the view on top of the Teide volcano in Tenerife.

Would you like to reach out to Alita? Then you’re more than welcome to connect with her on LinkedIn.

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