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Welcome to inQvation's new Program Manager, Marketing: Laura Louise Bjerregaard

We’re very excited to welcome a new team member to the inQvation family, Laura Louise Bjerregaard. Laura is our new Program Manager, Marketing, and we’re happy to have her on our team. We wanted to get to know her a little better, so we’ve asked her five questions.

#1: Hi Laura! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Of course! My name is Laura Louise Bjerregaard, I’m 25 years old (not much longer), and I live at Østerbro with my boyfriend, Niklas. This summer, I finished my studies and got a new title: Master of Arts, WOW! I have a Master of Arts degree from University of Copenhagen, where I’ve studied Danish with focus on Communication and Media studies. Before my journey at Uni, I studied Science at High School, but I found out that maybe I wasn’t born to be a scientist. What else to tell? Well, I love researching the written language and its use. And I believe that well-functioning (and written) communication is one of the most important things in the world. As a former language student and currently working with Marketing and Communications, I practice every day to become even better at working with words, texts, and communication. 

#2: You’re inQvation’s new Program Manager, Marketing. What will your main tasks be? 

inQvation is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs. We build start-ups ourselves, we help start-ups grow and succeed, and we give them roof over their heads – and it’s my job to communicate that. Because inQvation is much more than an IoT hub, investments and a bunch of people with crazy ideas. In other words, I’m working with inQvation’s Marketing and Communication. I’ll be working on lots of things related to social media, PR, strategic communication, idea development, you name it – and I’ll be supporting our portfolio companies if they need a helping (Communication or Marketing) hand.

Laura is our new Program Manager, Marketing. Her primary tasks are external communication, social media, PR and marketing.

#3: What have you been working with previously?

Well, this year is my first year working full-time, since I’ve been studying until the summer of 2019. In the past years, besides my education studies, I’ve worked at digital agencies helping with copywriting, social media management, digital marketing, project management, and PR. 

#4: What do you do when you’re out of office?

I wish I could write stuff like running around the lakes in Copenhagen, but it would be a shame to say. You’ll most likely find me together with my friends drinking coffee and playing Backgammon (or Yatzy). Otherwise, I love spending all my waking hours with my friends, boyfriend, and family. And I LOVE to cook – especially dishes with lots of cream – and traditional Danish dishes. Or risotto. 

#5:What do you look the most forward to being part of inQvation?

Lots of things! I look forward to being a part of the coolest team of inQvators, learning new things and making a difference for entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to tell stories about inQvation, all the dedicated entrepreneurs at our hub and our portfolio companies. 


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