Say hi to our Product Developer


Say hi to our new Product Developer, Taus Holtug

Whoopee, it’s time to say hola to a new inQvator. Again. Not long ago we welcomed Katrine Holst, our UX Designer. And this time we welcome Taus Holtug – our new Product Developer. 

In this interview, you’ll get to know more about Taus, his new role and why his friends sometimes call him ‘Rubber-Boy’. Let’s go! 🙂 


#1: Ay Taus, you’re the newest member of team inQvation. And that’s awesome. Really! Want to tell a few things about yourself? 

Yes, sure. I’m 27 and live on Nørrebro with my girlfriend. I have a strong urge to fix and build stuff – regardless of it being restoring old B&O icons, redoing our kitchen or welding new furniture. I’ve literally travelled around the world multiple times and among other things picked up a love for surfing. My resumé states that I am a business-focused design engineer. However, a more descriptive (even though bitter-sweet) analogy may be to think of me as the human equivalent of a swiss army knife – super useful in varying situations but probably not the preferred tool/expert within one isolated task 😉 


#2: ‘Product Developer’ – that’s your title in inQvation. What will your main tasks be? 

Good question. My role contains multiple parts but the core will be to explore, validate and mature new start-up opportunities while also supporting and driving the development of inQvation Studio. My highest success criteria will be to spin-out the next great start-up story.


#3: What have you been working with before you joined our team?

I have a background from DTU as a design engineer and I’ve always had different entrepreneurial projects in the melting pot. However, for the past three years, I’ve been learning from the big guys – working as a management consultant at Implement Consulting Group. My main focus has been to support big corporations with their innovation agenda.

Taus at this year's IQL (our very own version of DHL) - yup, he's a fast runner!

#4: What are your favourite things to do on a day off? 

You’ll probably find me in a pair of runners, fixing stuff in the apartment with my girlfriend or enjoying a cold beer with friends. If you could give me just a few more days off, I would love to go to a secluded beach in a warm country with great surf. Especially Sri Lanka has made a lasting impression.


#5: If you could be a cartoon character for a week, who would you be?

Uhh, tough one. I’m not quite sure who I would like to be – but sometimes my friends call me Rubber-Boy to mock me with my “elastic qualities”. I guess that has a cartoon character kind of ring to it. The reason is that I can get both my legs behind my neck. No, it is not very comfortable. And yes, it may require a few beers to convince me to do it.


#6: What do you look the most forward to being part of inQvation?

I am super excited to be back in the start-up world – exploring new opportunities, building cool stuff and learning from a diverse group of awesome inQvators. And of course to have meetings in an indoor forrest 😉


Would you like to reach out to Taus? Then you’re more than welcome to connect with him on LinkedIn.

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