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A very cool guy has joined our inQvation family. Born in Canada, software engineering student and can often be seen swimming in Copenhagen’s canals. We’ve asked Nicolai to answer six questions so we all can get to know him much better. Welcome to the team, Nicolai!

#1: First, welcome to the team. Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?


Thank you for the kind welcome, I’m very happy to be here. My name is Nicolai, and I am half Danish and half Canadian; I was born in the latter, and lived there for the first 12 or so years of my life. I moved to Denmark together with my family in 2008 and have been living in a small apartment in Christianshavn, Copenhagen for the last 5 years or so. I describe myself as a creative, with a passion for technology; I try my best to separate myself from the crowd when problem solving by arriving at unconventional solutions, as I find such solutions can occasionally reveal shrouded elegance.

Nicolai Verbaarschot is a software engineering student at DTU and our newest member to inQvation’s tech team.

#2: You’re inQvation’s new Student Assistant. What will your main tasks be?


As a software engineering student, I see myself working closely with projects that can use extra input in within that domain. I would also like to be part of early conceptual design for our internal projects. At the moment I am working on researching and learning some various container-orchestration technologies to help determine what we can use to deploy and maintain our LoRa services. You can expect to see me around the hub about 3 days a week.

#3: What do you study?


I started studying Life Sciences in 2016 at Denmarks Technical University. I have since switched to studying software engineering as I quickly learned that the field was much more suited to my personality. It’s also a lot more fun.

#4: Being born and raised in Canada, do you have any travel tips for for the beautiful country?


I can absolutely recommend visiting my hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. In term’s of aesthetics, it is perhaps the most stunning city I have been to and is certainly worth the trip. Winter sports enthusiasts would also find much joy in neighboring Whistler, known for its ski slopes but also mountain biking. Otherwise, while I haven’t tried it myself, I have heard very good things about the various trans-Canadian train trips that are offered.

Two summers ago, Nicolai visited India where this photo was taken. Did we mention that he’s a very skilled photographer too?

#5: What do you do when you’re ‘out of office’?


This depends quite heavily on the time of year, at least here in Denmark. During the summer months I try to spend as much time as possible outside and am particularly fond of swimming in the Copenhagen canals. In the winter I become a bit more reclusive and can be caught behind my computer working on various school or personal projects.

#6: What do you look the most forward to being part of inQvation?


The prospect of working in such a dynamic work environment and across so many industries is very exciting and exhilarating. I’m also very much looking forward to getting to know all my new co-workers and build and develop my skills. Ultimately I hope that in this endeavor I am able to not only grow personally, but be a part of developing our team as a whole so that we will continue to develop effective and creative solutions.

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