Say hi to our Senior Legal Counsel


Say hi to our Senior Legal Counsel and Venture Developer, Moustafa Moustafa

It’s time to say hola to our family member, Moustafa – or Mousta, as we call him. In this interview, you’ll get to know more about Mousta and his role as Senior Legal Counsel, Operational Legal & Venture Developer. Want to know what that long title really means and how many countries Mousta has visited? We got you!

#1: Hurray, Mousta – it’s your time to shine. Before we get started, can you tell us a few things about yourself (we don’t take no for an answer)?

I am an entrepreneurial tech-savvy and international-minded Lawyer who speaks five languages more or less fluently, who has visited 80 countries in six continents and who thinks that education and basic human rights are fundamental to human dignity and personal freedom world-wide. I am 29-years old openly scared of turning 30 – mostly because I have a 15-year old sister who always tells me that I am old.


#2: Earlier this year you started in a brand-new position as Senior Legal Counsel and Venture Developer in inQvation – wow! What exactly are you working with?

On one side I do legal stuff. Something with making and negotiating contracts, buying and selling companies and making sure that our group and portfolio companies know relevant rights and responsibilities. As a venture developer, I am also responsible for the business development of some of our investments. I love the start-up environment, creativity and I love that I’m helping companies with great, life-improving products and services grow.


#3: What do you like to do on your days off? 

I travel a lot. I basically use more or less everything I earn on traveling and experiences. Sometimes I travel with friends, sometimes with my sisters but most often I travel to far places alone and get some life-time lasting friendships with people who speak, think and eat differently. It gives me so much energy and happiness.

#4: Well, Mousta. It’s not a secret that you like to travel – would also be a weird secret – but anyway. How many countries have you traveled to? Where would you go If you only had one vacation left – and why?

Well, you guys said it. 80 countries – and I am hoping to reach 100 within the next two years. I want to visit every country in the world and have at least one friend in all of them. If I only had one vacation left, I would go to Brazil. The country and their people are beautiful, their food is tasty and their love of life, sports, and music are unprecedented. It is also – sometimes – a dangerous place to be. I was robbed by armed robbers the last time I was there. Yet, all its beauty makes it all worth it.


#5: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a lawyer! But honestly, I thought law had something to do with fighting for justice against a corrupt system. American movies, you know. I still have a big heart for justice, which is why I am involved in Amnesty International (where I have previously been a board member). And luckily, I love business and entrepreneurship, so being a commercial lawyer works great for me.


#6: Aaaaand it’s time for the most important question. What’s the greatest thing about being part of inQvation?

The best thing is being part of something, which has a purpose that I am 100 % aligned with – with people who know that it is crucial for our success that all members of our team are happy both professionally and personally.

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