Meet inQvation’s new People Director


Welcome to inQvation’s new People Director: Vibe Herlitschek

In the past year, we’ve experienced how hard it is for our start-ups to find the right people. Just imagine, we have about 30 open positions across our dear portfolio companies. Of course, this is a huge challenge since it limits the start-ups’ speed. Therefore, we’re really excited to welcome Vibe Herlitschek as our new People Director. And we must say, she’s quite a catch! You’ll get to know her better with these six questions.

#1: Welcome to the inQvation family. Who are you?


My name is Vibe and I live in Solrød with my husband and two teenage sons plus a crazy, active dog.

#2: You’re inQvation’s new People Director. What will your main tasks be?


At a higher level I’m here to help build the eco system around entrepreneurs from a people and culture perspective, and at the same time make sure our internal workplace meet the needs om employees for meaningful work, growth, challenges, open communication, and effective leadership = happy, thriving employees.  I will be working on a ton of things related to talent attraction, employer branding, employee engagement, employee development, organizational development, and HR tools & systems and what have you. I can’t wait to talk to all of our employees to understand how I can best support them.

Vibe Herlitschek is inQvation's new People Director. Her primary tasks are talent attraction, employer branding, employee engagement and development - not only for inQvation but for all of our portfolio companies.

#3: What have you been working with previously?


In the past many years I’ve worked at tech startups growing rapidly. I’ve done pretty much anything related to people and culture in a start-up, such as recruiting, onboarding new employees, employer branding, coaching of both leaders and employees, HR compliance, organizational development, compensation models, HR digitalization etc. I’ve also ordered toilet paper and coffee when this was needed – it’s pretty obvious that work is not getting done if one of those two elements are missing. I just love being part of a team on a great journey.

#4: You’ve been living abroad for 4 years. How has that experience been?


I was lucky to be given the opportunity to work in the U.S. during my employment with Unity Technologies, and while it was easy for me to accept the challenge when looking at it from a career perspective, it took a bit more consideration when factoring the family, including a dog, into the equation. Would the family thrive in a new country? Would the boys adapt to the U.S. school system? Would they make friends easily? What would we do if one of us wasn’t thriving? What would we do if something happened in Denmark while we were far away? In the end, my husband and I agreed that we would try it out, and it has been such an amazing adventure for the four of us (plus the dog). I ended up working 2 years in our Seattle office, followed by 2 years in the San Francisco office. I experienced firsthand how different the work cultures are – even between Seattle and San Francisco. I’ve met the most talented and humble people in the world, but also some of the biggest egos ever. The work places are cool, diverse, you can practically live and sleep there, and the tech is awesome. It is fun, high speed and challenging. Everyone is trying to become the next Zuckerberg and the level of politics and sugar coating is a bit much for a Dane.



We have travelled and explored a lot of sights primarily in the pacific northwest, and we fell in love with the spectacular nature and the greatness of it. Think mountains, lakes, salmon, eagles, whales, hummingbirds and raccoons. Very exotic. Oh, and the food. It’s not just unhealthy junk food, but also the most amazing food, fresh produce and lovely wine, and yes the food portions are big, and yes, I gained a lot of weight, and unfortunately it’s still there… We have all had to step out of our comfort zones and tried to adapt to a new culture. It was challenging for the kids, who hardly spoke English when we first arrived, and on top of that the school systems are very different from what they knew from Denmark. And they missed their best friends. However, children adapt and learn at such a high speed and 3 months later they were fluent in English, which is now their first language. There were tough days and many challenges, but we got through it as a family. Huge credits to my husband, who was a stay at home dad and took care of all of us. The great days definitely outweighed the not so great days. We have made the best friends from all over the world, and our lives are so much richer that way. There were people and things we missed in Denmark when we lived in the US, and now living in Denmark there are people and things we miss in the US! Seattle is our home away from home now, and we all have to go back on a regular basis. Would I do it again? YES, absolutely.

This summer, Vibe and her family visited Seattle where they have lived for two years. The photo is taken on a boat in front of the very impressive Mount Baker.

#5: What do you do when you’re ‘out of office’?


I go running on the beach close to where we live, and those are my zen moments. You need those moments with teenagers in the house… Traveling and spending time with my family is amazing, and I also enjoy going to markets and look for antiques and stuff for our house. Cooking and having friends and family over for dinner, and people I can share a good laugh with are also pretty high on my list of favorite things to do.

#6: What do you look the most forward to being part of inQvation?


Making a difference for entrepreneurs and supporting them in their growth, and working with some of the most talented and fun people on this planet.

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