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Why don’t we share more ‘secrets’ with each other? Would the ecosystem become more founder friendly if we could talk more openly about things like valuation, fundraising, strategies, challenges and pains? At this year’s TechBBQ summit, a panel of very interesting profiles from the startup world will debate the Nordic sharing culture. The panel debate takes place at the TalkBBQ stage on Wednesday September 18 from 2.30 pm – 4.00 pm.



Let’s face it. We’re not good at sharing the ‘secret’ stuff with each other. Topics like valuation, fundraising terms, economy, playbook and so on are strictly confidential business secrets. But why? What if entrepreneurs were better at sharing the secret things with each other and talk honestly and more openly about challenges, would we then end up with a much more transparent ecosystem? A startup world where entrepreneurs would help each other grow and stand stronger when for example raising funds.



To take a closer look at the Nordic sharing culture and discuss your dilemmas, we’ve gathered an expert panel of very interesting profiles from the ecosystem. The panel discussion will be moderated by Nikolaj Nyholm, founder and CEO of Astralis Group.

We proudly present the four panelists

Frederikke Antonie Schmidt is founder and Creative Director of the Danish high-end shoe brand, roccamore.

Frederikke Antonie Schmidt, founder and creative director at Roccamore

“If entrepreneurs started talking more about the hard stuff and sharing “secrets” like valuation and terms for fundraising with each other, everyone would stand stronger and more sustainable business would be build. It’s completely off, that Investors and VCs hold all the cards for negotiating deals, because they talk with thousands of companies every month and collect valuable insights in the process. Too many startups end up with horrible deals because they don’t know better. We need to change this.”



Frederikke Antonie Schmidt is founder of the Danish high-end shoe brand, roccamore. Frederikke participated as a panelist in the first edition of TalkBBQ that was held back in June. The topic was the Nordic investment culture and none of the audience missed her strong point: If entrepreneurs were better at sharing with each other they would stand much stronger when raising funds. Frederikke’s view points inspired for the upcoming TalkBBQ session on the Nordic sharing culture, and we can’t wait to dive into the topic with her.

Jess Fleisher is co-founder and CEO of Son of a Tailor.

Jess Fleischer, co-founder and CEO of Son of a Tailor

“In my experience, the more “Danish” you are the less you share. Those Danes I have met who have worked abroad esp. in start-ups abroad have a much more positive attitude towards sharing. It might be a small market phenomenon and a result of the Danish distance-taking.”



In 2013, Jess Fleischer co-founded the clothing company Son of a Tailor. In short, they tailor exclusive made-to-measure T-shirts. Son of a Tailor is a modern clothing company built on the principles of expert craftsmanship, simple Danish design, sustainable production methods and the simple but ambitious aspiration to make the best T-Shirt in the world. We can’t wait for Jess Fleischer to join our panel discussion on Wednesday the 18th of September.

Lisbeth Chawes is tech leader, entrepreneur and speaker in one.

Lisbeth Chawes, CEO of Esoft Shine

“Sharing challenges and pains is something we all need to do more in the start-up environment in Scandinavia. We shouldn’t see the true stories as weakness – but more like courage to grow. It will bring us together and it’s sort of like the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” mantra. I am always trying to help my mentees to understand the impact of sharing and caring.”



Lisbeth Chawes is a Danish tech leader with over 15 years of experience from management positions and startup companies within the tech industry. She’s among the top fifty high-profile women in the Nordics and is an award-winning leader, board member, speaker and mentor. Since 2018, Lisbeth has been CEO of Esoft Shine that is an intelligent and fully automated marketing tool addressed at real estate agents.



We are very excited that Lisbeth Chawes will take the stage at our upcoming panel debate on the Nordic sharing culture.

Tommy Andersen is Managing Partner at byFounders and serial entrepreneur. FOTO: Stine Bidstrup

Tommy Andersen, managing partner at byFounders

“Generally, knowledge-sharing between entrepreneurs and startups is a good thing as it speeds up and elevates the general knowledge- and experience level in the group. Of course, there are aspects of your business that you for competitive, legal or business reasons cannot share but those areas are minimal compared to all the areas you CAN share. We as investors in byFounders prefer to meet informed and well-prepared startups and we actively try to raise the awareness and standards of the ecosystem by our own actions and behavior. We believe it’s a collective effort for all the players within the ecosystem and that all its members will ultimately benefit from this.”



Tommy Andersen is an ambitious tech serial entrepreneur and investor with broad business and industry experience within consumer electronics, hardware/software as well as professional services. He has successfully founded an exited three companies, including Libratone and Embedit, as well as built an extensive portfolio of angel investments individually and as part of Nordic Makers.

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What do you think about the Nordic sharing culture? Have you also experienced that Danish and Nordic entrepreneurs don’t share knowledge and information with each other? Do you even think that we need to share more? If you have a question or a specific dilemma that you would like the panelists to discuss during the panel debate, please submit your case or question on – you can do it anonymously if you prefer!

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